Health and Physical Education
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    Department Members:

    McGrath, Daniel  - 9th Grade; Adv.PE - WT/Conditioning; BTW
    Phillips, Jamie - 9th Grade; Adv. PE - Competitive
    Phillips, Joyce - 10th Grade; Adv.PE-Lifetime Fitness; BTW        
    Schmidt, Carly - 9th Grade; Adv. PE - Competitive
    Spring, Joshua - 10th Grade; Adv. PE - Competitive
    Wolfe, Greg - Adaptive PE
    Young, Jason - Department Chair; 10th Grade; Adv. PE - Outdoor Education 
    2016-2017 Freshmen, Sophomores and Advanced PE Students
    PE uniforms will be on sale for $7.00 (t-shirt $2.25 and optional shorts $4.75) through one of the teachers in the PE department. 
    Freshmen and Sophomores students wear uniform shirts every day of class for HPE 9 and 10.  The uniforms are the
    same for all schools, so they are recyclable 
    Parents - LOST AND FOUND!  Are your students missing coats, shoes, or t-shirts?  Items are always collecting in the Lost and Found Box outside the Women's PE Office.  When discovered, more valuable items are kept in one of the PE Teacher's offices for safekeeping.  Please have your students check. 
    Items are sent to charity every two weeks.
    **Check out these Nutrition Information Websites:
    Lots of great articles from "Eatright" ,American Dietetic Organization":

    How many calories will I burn while walking?
    You will burn approximately 1 calorie for every twenty steps you take. With that in mind, here are the approximate step equivalents for a few common foods: a cracker (400 steps); 10 French fries (2,000 steps); 12oz. soda (3,020 steps); 1.75oz. chocolate bar (5,340 steps); pizza slice (6,900 steps); 44oz soda (12,000 steps); super-sized burger meal (35,080 steps).