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Biomedical Club

JOIN US FOR CLUB FAIR ON Monday 11/9/2020 and Monday 11/16/2020 @ 3:00, 3:20, or 3:40pm
using the following google meets link:

The goal of the Academies of Loudoun Biomedical Club is to educate students about various topics in biomedicine through interactive activities and lectures from guest speakers. The club has already hosted a guest speaker, a cardiothoracic nurse practitioner, whose presentation included information about what a day in the life of a nurse practitioner looks like and examples of extraordinary medical cases. The club also plans to conduct various hands-on activities with its members, including learning how to suture and doing research to solve real case studies. The club is also partnered with the American Heart Association to raise money and awareness for various cardiovascular diseases as cardiovascular diseases are the number one killer in the United States. The club hopes to raise money for research and aid cardiovascular disease patients.  


Sponsor: Dr. Melissa Willis (

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Meetings are virtual: use the following Google Meet link to access club meetings