Hunger Relief Club



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Hunger Relief Club

The Hunger Relief Club organizes food drives to collect and donate food to the local food banks and pantries. We also volunteer at the Capital Area Food Bank, and we participate in special/holiday events at these food banks.

"I joined the ACL Hunger Relief Club because it seemed like an extremely great opportunity to give back to my community, which it is, but I also have seen how it also gives others in our community the same opportunity by making it easy to donate food to the less fortunate! In this club, I’ve had the opportunity to go to a real food pantry and volunteer my time to it, getting to see how it works, which was really cool. One of my favorite parts is when we weigh our donations from a drive and get to see how much of an impact we as a community can have if we work together and do our part! Thank you to everyone who has donated!" - Vishya Adipudi

The club meets in room 2201 during lunch.
2019-2020 club meeting dates: August 29, September 26, October 30, November 25, December 20, January 29, February 27, March 26, April 30, May 27, and June 4

Officers: Laasya Doppalapudi, Noelle Koo, Maria McDonald, and Vishya Adipudi
Sponsor: Heather Herrmann (