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Academies of Loudoun Science Association

Club Sponsor: Jacob Voetberg, AET Science

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Sponsor Room: 1312


The objective of the ACL Science Association is to create a platform where students with interests in all different fields of science can come together to discuss real-life problems we face around us and explore possible solutions to the problems. All the members are encouraged to bring discussions about real-life problems, that they are passionate about, to the table. 


General objectives of this club shall be:

1. To provide a platform for the students of different clubs and pathways from AOS, AET and MATA to come together to identify some key problem areas affecting our lives, analyze the issues, and exploring options to address them.

2. To expand opportunities to the fellow students of different interest areas, such as Science, Engineering, IT, Entrepreneurship, cyber technology, Medical etc., to contribute in the development of innovative solutions to the problems identified, and also its entrepreneurial aspects.

3. To showcase the collective talents of the ACL students in addressing real-life problems, by organizing exhibitions at the ACL, and participating at the science fairs.   


 General activities include the following:

a. Meeting sessions for whole club for discussing key problem areas affecting our lives, and analyzing them from different angles of science and technology. 

b. Club meetings are held once or twice a month, during lunch in a designated collaborative space. 

c. Brainstorming sessions to set priorities of the issues to be solved based on   the knowledge level of club members, and 

d. Materializing collective thinking into solutions.


Board Members:

Shamaela Mashneil, President 

Brian Minnick, Vice President 

Tarun Ravi Kumar, Secretary