Our Mission:  To support cancer patients, learn more about ongoing cancer research, raise money for hospitals, and spread awareness about cancer.

    What we do:

    • Write support letters to cancer patients
    • Research about ongoing cancer research
    • Conduct fundraisers
    • Spread awareness through flyers

    Sign up and join us:  https://forms.gle/QHMD7ii3yZvVkiLe 

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    *Meeting times have yet to be determined

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    Officers and Sponsorship

    President - Sriya Yalamachili

    Vice President:  Siddarth Sreeram

    Club Sponsor:  Ms. Pierscinski












Degrees and Certifications:

Connect 4 Cancer

Sponsor  :   Zachary Proffitt

Email    :     Zachary.Minchow-Proffitt@lcps.org