Parking facilities are provided at LCHS as a convenience to students who drive to school.  Parking on school grounds is a privilege that may be granted or revoked by the administration.  Automobiles on school property or at school sponsored events are subject to search by principals or their designees if such principal or designee has a reasonable suspicion that such automobile search will yield evidence of a violation of school rule or policy, the law, or the presence of drugs, alcohol, weapons, or other substances or articles that could be illegal, harmful or dangerous.  Any student who refuses to permit a proper search under the conditions authorized by this policy after having been given a direct order to comply may be subject to assignment to an involuntary transfer, suspension, or expulsion for open defiance of the authority of the principal or designee.  The following conditions must be met:

    1. Students must have a valid driver’s license
    2. Students must have a valid, registered parking permit when parked on school property
    3. Students parking on campus without a valid, registered parking permit must report to Security immediately or will be subject to a $5.00 per day cumulative fine
    4. Students must display parking permits on the rear view mirror with the registration number facing out while parking on campus
    5. Student drivers that are tardy to school may have their parking permit revoked
    6. Once on school grounds, students must not leave until school is dismissed or permission for an early release has been obtained from the administration
    7. Students must not go to their car during school hours without proper and prior consent from the main office
    8. Students with an early release must not take another student off campus, without prior consent from the administration
    9. Keep your vehicle locked while parked on school grounds
    10. Do not park in a reserved, staff, or handicap space
    11. The use of another student’s parking permit is not allowed
    13. Traffic laws, school regulations, and normal safety procedures must be observed at all times
    15. Vehicles that are improperly parked blocking fire lanes, driving lanes, or constitute a safety hazard, may be ticketed and towed at owner’s expense
    16. Each school year a new permit must be purchased for $200.00.  A replacement fee will be charged for any lost or stolen permit
    17. You must park in your assigned space
    18. In the event someone else has parked in your space DO NOT PARK  IN ANOTHER STUDENT’S SPACE
    19. Violation of these guidelines will result in revocation of driving/parking privileges and/or other disciplinary actions


Last Modified on July 29, 2016