• To Report Absences or Tardies

    Call: 571-367-4201

    Email: ihsattendance@lcps.org

    Report Absences or Tardies Online: Fill out this form



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    IHS Attendance Policy



    Attendance How To’s:

     Absence or Tardy notification from the parent or guardian is required. There are 3 ways to do this:

    1) Email to ihsattendance@lcps.org

    2) Use the google form above

    3) Leave a voicemail on the attendance line at 571-367-4201


    Early Dismissal the process is:

    • You may send a note in with the student and have them turn it in before 9:15 am
    • You may send an email before 9:15 am
    • If an email or note from the student is received after 9:15 am you will need to call the school to verbally verify the dismissal request. This request requires a 1-hour processing time.
    • For immediate dismissal you will need to come into the school and sign out your student

    Athletics & VHSL Activities Important things to know:

    1)    To participate in an evening activity, students must arrive to school by 9:15am and remain all day unless they have prior approval from the principal.

    2)    Failure to be in school by 9:15am and remaining all day will result in the person not being able to participate in any athletic or VHSL activity that day or night.

    3)    Any absence of part of the school day must be accompanied by a note from the particular office (medical, dental, court, etc.) in order to participate that day.

    4)    Students receiving a clinic dismissal for illness during the school day will not be permitted to participate.

    Students must sign in and out of the Attendance Office anytime they come and go during the school day.

    Independence High School uses Ehall Pass. It is the students responsibility to monitor their ehall passes on either their phone or school issued chromebook.