Absence or Tardy - notification is required.  

    • Email ihsattendance@lcps.org  OR
    • In ParentVue, use the “Report Attendance” button. Be aware that only one notation may be made to ParentVue per day. If in doubt, email is best.  OR
    • Leave a voicemail on the attendance line at 571-367-4201. DO NOT leave early dismissal requests on this line. See below for instructions about dismissals.

    So that a tardy arrival may be excused, have your student bring in a note from their medical provider when they arrive. Also, note that per VHSL rules, in season student athletes must be sure to provide a medical note to participate in practice/competition that day. 

     Early Dismissal - all early dismissal requests must be in writing (your student will come out to you) or in person pick-up.

    • You may send a written note with your student and have them turn it in to the attendance window before 10:00am.
    • You may send an email to ihsattendance@lcps.org.
    • You may use the “Report Attendance” button in ParentVue; the time must be included in the note section. (please note, it may take an hour for us to receive this notification) 
    • Early dismissal requests are processed in the order in which they are received. On busy days, this greatly impacts dismissal times.
    • For immediate dismissals, you must present an ID to enter the school, then report to the main office to sign out your student. 
    • We are unable to process Early Dismissals after 3:45pm.

    Clinic Dismissal - Only the RN or the SNA may dismiss students from the Health Office. If a student contacts their parent for pickup prior to being seen by the Health Office, the parent will need to send an email to ihsattendance@lcps.org or come in person to request a regular early dismissal pass. This type of situation would not be considered a Clinic Dismissal.



    • StudentVue app.- This will help facilitate tardy check in and early dismissal sign out.  
    • Ehall pass- E-hall pass is used to communicate dismissal passes to your student during the day. Have the student sign up for text notifications in their student profile within their e-hall pass account. 


    Click here for Information on how to use ParentVue to report attendance. The ParentVue feature can be used from the date of absence forward up to 30 days. To excuse an absence from previous days, please email ihsattendance@lcps.org and the attendance record will be adjusted.   



    There are so many exciting opportunities for your student this school year, and we want to make sure your student doesn't miss a single thing! We are reminding parents and guardians that school attendance is critical to student success. By making school attendance a priority, you can help your student succeed and develop good habits that last a lifetime.

    Not only is school attendance important, attendance for students between the ages of 5 and 18 is required by Virginia Law. School attendance for Loudoun County is governed by Loudoun County School Board Policy 8140, Student Attendance Requirement and Procedures. Chronic absenteeism, which occurs when a student misses 10 percent of the school year, is one of the nine indicators linked to the Virginia Department of Education's school accreditation ratings.

    With this information in mind, parents and guardians are urged not to unnecessarily take their students out of school and to schedule appointments and vacations during student holidays.

    We recognize that absences due to illnesses and other circumstances occur. Please keep your student at home if they are not feeling well and be aware that documentation from your healthcare provider may be requested. If your student is anxious about going to school, your school's mental health team can help support you and your student. School staff will work with your student to provide support and keep them connected to their school community. When a student is absent, parents or guardians are responsible for notifying the student's school and providing the reason for the absence.

    For more information, please visit LCPS Attendance Resources. Also, check out these resources for middle and high school familes. We look forward to partnering with you to foster a successful school year.


    Tedra Richardson

    Assistant Superintendent

    Department of Student Services