• Park View High School Administration


    Top - left to right:   Mr. Hrutkay, Mr. Testerman, Ms. Nagurny
    Bottom - left to right: Ms. Piccolomini, Mr. Dolson, Ms. Sims, Mr. Edwards
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    Ms. Melissa Sargeant, Interim Principal (not pictured)
    BA in English, South Carolina State University
    M.Ed in Educational Leadership and Supervision, University of South Carolina
    Ms. Jennifer Piccolomini, Assistant Principal
    BA in Exercise Science and Physical Education, McDaniel College
    M. Ed. in Administration, George Mason University

    Ms Jeanene SimsAssistant Principal
    BA in Spanish, Virginia Tech
    M. Ed. in Educational Leadership, George Mason University
    Mr. Allan EdwardsAssistant Principal
    BS in Art History, The University of South Florida
    M. Ed. in Education Leadership, Shenandoah University
    Ms. Leah McCombs, Registrar
    Ms. Joanne Nagurny, Director of School Counseling
    BS in Therapeutic Recreation, Slippery Rock State College
    M. Ed. in Counseling, Virginia Tech
    Mr. Jason Testerman, Athletic Director