• Family Liaison

    School Counseling Office

    A Family Liaison is a LCPS staff member who acts as an advocate for all students and families within the school community. They do this by connecting families with the information, resources and services they need to help with situations that may impact a student's success or a family's engagement with the school. These situations can include economic hardship, illness, language or cultural divides, family dynamics and more. Many families may find themselves navigating new circumstances and needing support at any point, and we are here to provide opportunities for families to both receive and/or provide assistance. Please reach out with any questions or concerns or to start a conversation about how JCHS's Family Liaison can serve your family. We have interpreters available to better serve you, and confidentiality is always a top priority.

    If your family is in need of assistance of any kind this school year, please contact the School Family Liaison at 703-722-2680. You can also fill out the Knights Help Form to let us know how we can best help you. All information provided is CONFIDENTIAL and will only be shared with the necessary school staff. 

    If you are able to help families in need, please consider joining the Knights Care Network. Throughout the year, there are opportunities to help, whether it is donating funds or goods. You can join our network by completing the Knights Care Network Form, or by calling 703-722-2680.