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    Welcome back to Lovettsville Elementary School.  I am so excited to be your art teacher again this year.  Your children will attend art class once a week for 50-minute periods.

    Each grade level will be involved in several different forms of creating art including: drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, computer imaging, weaving, assemblage, sewing, collage and more.

    Please bring in an art shirt labeled with your child’s name and class code.  We will be working with a wide variety of materials including paint, ink, glue, oil pastels, chalk, permanent markers, glaze and more.

    Back by popular demand we will be participating in a fund raising program called Original Works Yours.  The children will create a picture in art class.  This will be sent home with order forms.  Simply select the items you like and write a check to Lovettsville Elementary School.  Before the winter holidays, unique gifts imprinted with your child’s picture will be delivered to the school.  More information will be sent home later this month. I am looking for two interested parents to help me run this program.  If you are interested in helping, please call 540-751-2470.


    Please save the following items and send them to school:

    Old Towels used for cleaning the tables

     Toothpicks and Cotton Balls

     Wood scraps  and sandpaper          

     Rolls of aluminum foil                      

     Old toothbrushes used for painting


    Thank you,

    Mrs. Suitor

    Art Teacher