• The Lovettsville Resource Team supports all students at Lovettsville to obtain their goals through in-classroom support, small group support, one-on-one instruction, and co-teaching, as well as the design and implementation of specific specialized instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners, in collaboration with classroom teachers.  Specific related services also include Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Adaptive Physical Education, and English Language Learners.


    This year, the following teachers are working with the following grades:

    Mrs. Susan Sears - K, 2nd, 3rd

    Mr. Brent Washburn - 1st, 4th

    Mrs. Meagan Carey - K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd

    Mrs. Christina Spooner - 5th

    Mrs. Brianne Nougaret - K-2 Autism Program

    Ms. Claudia Jacobson - Speech Therapy

    Mrs. Deanna Jones - Occupational Therapy

    Ms. Renee Hawn - Physical Therapy

    Mrs. Debbie Randazzo-Spangler - English Language Learners 

    Mr. Jordan Wilner - Hearing Impaired

    Mrs. Amanda Hopson - Adaptive PE


    This year, the Instuctional Aids are the following:

    Mrs. Kim Fairbanks

    Mrs. Andrea Miller

    Mrs. Lindsay Jones

    Ms. Lisa Kail

    Ms. Melissa McCarthy