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  • Basic rules important to the game

    1. The Dungeon Master: The person who is guiding your and other peoples characters through the story is called the Dungeon Master. They are essentially the person who oversees the actions of you and your fellow players they make the rules and their word is like law. They control the enemies and NPC's that you encounter on your journey through this magical game.
    2. Dice: The most important part of the game besides a character sheet they determine whether you succeed or fail in your actions. There are dice that have different numbers of sides most of these are used in the game but the most important one is the 20 sided die AKA the D20. You may borrow dice from some of your fellow club mates but if you would prefer your own there are dice apps on phones that simulate dice rolls.
    3. Character sheets: Character sheets are another important part of the game they are the way for you to store information about your character including your weapons, spells, equipment, gold, and items these are really important as you never know when you might need a specific item. Character sheets can be printed in the library or at home, we have a PDF of both the character and spell sheet provided by our president.
    4. Rules: During D&D we can all get intense at times wether it be yelling, voice acting or just getting excited about dice rolls but please note that we like that your getting into the game we want you to not be too loud as there are other clubs and people studying after school, also please refrain from touching your other club members unless it's in a friendly manner and allowed.
    5. Guide books: Wanna be a dungeon master? How about a Player Character? well we have books for both of you to borrow from our sponsor Mrs.Sakoian when she is here she has a physical copy of the monster manual and the Player's Handbook just be sure to give them back by the end of club. These books are filled with all the information you could want on how to build a character by hand on a character sheet they have all the classes, weapons, and options to choose from to start your adventure.

The Nuts and Bolts

  • Who are the club sponsors?

    Mrs. Binkley and Ms. Sakoian are the sponsors.  Ms. Binkley teaches science here at Indy and can be found in room 2404.  Ms. Sakoian is a speech pathologist who splits her time between Indy and Rock Ridge.  

    Where does the club meet?

    The club meets virtually through Google Meet.  The join code will be shared through our remind group and posted on our schoology group.

    When does the club meet?

    The club meets EVERY week.  We have yet to set this year's schedule. 

    How can I join?

    Join our schoology Group: Inyd DnD (The join code is: V4C2-663F-MH23P) and our Remind group: Indy DnD (join code: indydnd)

    Do I need to know anything about DnD to feel comfortable?

    No!  Newbies are totally welcome.  THIS is where you come to learn about DnD.

    How do I build a character?

    There are a lot of different online resources to help get you started.  You can try one of those or come by and pick up a character sheet from us.  We have lots of people who would love to help you.  

    Is there a Google Meet associated with this club?

    Yes, there is!  The join code will be posted to our schoology group as well as our remind.