• Dungeons and Dragons Club

    Staff Liaison: Patricia Becker-Sabik

    Student Sponsors:  Josh Tran and Alex Stefanko                             


    Club Description:  D & D is a fun, classic, role-playing game in which you create the character and you control what your character does.  It helps boost confidence by playing the role of a hero, and it helps teach teamwork and social skills as well.  There are two main books: One where you get to make your character , and one which lists all the monsters in D&D.  Once you know who your character is and what his or her characteristics are, then you create a character card.  Every character is unique and special with its own abilities.  Then once everyone has a character they set out on a quest to meet a common goal.  We want this club to be a sancutary for people of all ages, boys and girls, nerds and geeks or just have people want to try something new.  We want everyone to have a great time!


    Club Meeting Place:  ERMS Library

    Meeting Days: Fridays

    Meeting Times:  3:20 - 4:20

    1st Meeting Date: October 18, 2019