As a Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee Parent Delegate, I would like to better represent and advocate the needs of minority students at Lovettsville Elementary School. I have committed to attend general body meetings and hope to share information and experiences from our minority parents and students. One of the responsibilities is being part of the body of voting MSAAC members for MSAAC board elections or bylaw amendments. I can better represent our needs with your participation. Our shared experiences, open dialogue, and commitment to cultivate an equitable environment will positively impact achievement gaps. With input we can identify areas of improvement in order to create a nurturing climate of cultural sensitivity in an academic/social environment. It is time to acknowledge, facilitate, learn, and teach even when differences exist.

     I will share monthly MSAAC meeting progress details during the LES PTO presentations and will make myself available for respectful and honest conversation about minority issues for kids, parents, teachers, and administrators from our community. I intend to allocate 30 minutes prior to the PTO meetings for one on one discussions and will make exceptions to meet any concerned individual who is unable to attend designated time or just needs privacy. Please, feel free to message me any issues or concerns you may have and I encourage you to join MSAAC, to further equity.

    Email Contact MSAAC Delegate, Neelam Ahmed: LovettsvilleMSAAC@gmail.com

    Here is a link to MSAAC, https://www.lcps.org/Page/165417, and I encourage you to explore the information. Following, are the meetings scheduled by MSAAC if anyone would like to attend.