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    • For information about your student or help with access to ParentVUE, contact Julie Gutsch
    • For attendance questions, contact Brenda Siegel
    • For students having difficulty logging into LCPSGO, contact Ashton Chandler (Digital Experience Specialists)
    • For staff having difficulty logging into LCPSGO, contact Ashton Chandler (Digital Experience Specialists)
    • For sellers proffering products or services, contact the appropriate department using the links and resources below (Spam sent to web administrator is deleted!)
    • For general inquiries, email Julie Gutsch
    • For login or technical difficulties with the iRecruitment job-candidate system, contact recruitment@lcps.org with specifics 
    • For technical difficulties with using this LCPS website, contact HPMWEB@lcps.org or Kim Fedei with specifics


    General website facts

    • Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) does not sell advertising space on its websites nor buy it from others.
    • LCPS content editors should use their LEAD credentials to login to the Web Community Manager (WCM) content management system (CMS).
Last Modified on August 9, 2023