• Welcome to the
    Briar Woods Cyber Club!


    The Briar Woods Cyber Club provides students with opportunities to learn and apply
    cyber skills in a fun and exciting environment.

    Students can participate in a variety of activities, such as:

    > Cyber Patriot competition <
    > Capture the Flag competitions <
    > Current events presentations <
    Industry certification preparation <
    > Internship exploration <
    > Hands-on labs <

    How to Join

    > See Mr. Starke in L516 (or email him)

    > You will be added to our Schoology Group and Remind

    > All club information (including our calendar of meetings and competitions) can be found on our Schoology Group site

    2023-24 Officer Team

    President: Jai Sundaram

    Vice President: Daniel Mayer

    Secretary: Nathan Tuo

    Treasurer: Shahzaib Tariq

    Public Relations: Ria Gupta