To report any absence, tardy or early dismissal, please CHOOSE ONE:


    1.  Email SBHAbsentee@LCPS.ORG (one hour prior notice required)

    2.  Call our Absentee Hotline: 571-252-2202 (anytime 24/7 - DISMISSALS NOT ACCEPTED ON HOTLINE)


    3.  Enter your information on ParentVue/Attendance (ABSENCES, TARDY AND DISMISSALS).


    Emails (for dismissals only) is not accepted on the following days:

    --PSAT Day (in October)

    --Monday/Tuesday before Thanksgiving

    --Day before December Winter Break

    --The entire Month of May due to Testing


    AP/SOL Testing in May:


    Emails for early dismissals are not accepted during May, our testing month.  If your child has an appointment during May, please send a note to the Attendance Office with your student 1-2 days ahead of time for approval.




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Last Modified on March 1, 2021