• Hornet Technology

    Hornet Technology

    Welcome to our Student Technology Page. Please check here for help, how to tips and tricks, and information on Digital Citizenship.

    Your Instructional Technology Department. Located in Lab 2.

    Mrs. Jones, IF,T

    Mr. Widzinski, DES

    Both Mr. W. and I are happy to help you. Come see me first when you need help with your Google drive, Classroom, videos, anything relating to the programs that you use. If you come to the lab for help with a chromebook and Mr. W isn't here, I will do what I can to help.

    Mrs. Jones and I are happy to help you. I also help the teachers when their laptops or Promethean boards are not working properly. Come see me first if your chromebook is broken or damaged. If I am not in the lab when you come to see me, you can ask Mrs. Jones for help or come back later.

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