• What is Forensics?

    Forensics is the study and practice of public speaking and debate (not CSI!). Students participating in Forensics recite or create speeches and use speech interpretation, acting, and speech preparation to craft a well-delivered oration.

    Moderator: Kathleen McDermott 

    Captain: TBD

    Speech Events: 

    Dramatic Performance
    Extemporaneous Speech
    Oral Interpretation
    Original Oratory 
    Storytelling (VHSL only)

    2019-2020 Tournament Schedule:

    10/26: WACFL I Speech
    11/16: WACFL II Lincoln-Douglas/Speech
    12/14: WACFL III Public Forum/Speech/Congress
    1/11: WACFL IV Public Forum/Congress/Speech
    2/1: WACFL V Congress/Speech/Lincoln-Douglas
    2/29: WACFL Metrofinals Speech