• Mrs. Alt holds a BA in English from the University of Virginia and a MA in Curriculum and Instruction from Virginia Tech. Mrs. Alt also holds a graduate certificate in Composition Studies from Indiana East University. 2019-20 will be her 16th year of teaching secondary English. She currently teaches NVCC Dual Enrollment/English 12 and AP Language and Composition. 

    Mrs. Alt's AP Language and Composition classes will use GOOGLE CLASSROOM:

    Our class will use Google Classroom as a course management system. Please use Google Classroom to check the daily agenda, assignment directions and due dates, post responses, and find enrichment materials for the course. This is also where you will turn in writing assignments. Parents should ask students to log in with them at home to discuss progress, see assignments and view teacher comments on formative and summative writing assignments. Google classroom and Google drive can also be downloaded as an app on your phone. 

    Test Date: The AP Language and Composition test will be administered to those who register and pay for the test. This test will be given on May 13, 2020 @ 8:00 a.m.


    The grade book will be broken into two categories: formative and summative. Formative means practice leading up to mastery. Summative is evidence of mastery. Formative assignments are crucial to developing skills in this course. Therefore, all formative assignments are to be completed. Often, formative assignments lead directly to, and will be incorporated into, summative assignments. 

    Late work 

    In college, late work is unacceptable. Falling behind in AP Language and Composition means students will miss discussions and activities. Turning in work on time allows students to receive timely feedback that will help them improve their next writing assignment and ongoing literary analysis skills.

    For in-class assignments, both formative and summative, a reasonable amount of time will be given during class to complete the work. When students are given class time to complete work, it is expected that work is turned in at the end of the block. Extensions will not be granted for students who are distracted by things such as phones/friends/technology, who choose not to do their work, or who choose to work on assignments for other courses during class time. Work not turned in at the end of class will result in a zero.

    For outside-of-class assignments, such as long-term essays and projects, several checkpoints will be built in for each assessment, such as graphic organizers, modeling activities, and other practice activities to reinforce and test skills essential for the final assessment. For an essay, this might include elements such as rough drafts due for peer editing. It is expected that students complete these formative or mini summative assessments on time to receive timely feedback as they work toward content mastery.

    Extensions: from time to time, students may find they need an extension on a long-term assessment. Such situations may include a convergence of personal emergencies, multiple projects due for different classes, or unusually demanding extracurricular requirements coinciding with due dates. To request an extension, students must do the following:

    • The extension must be requested prior to the due date. This means no extensions may be requested during class, or the “morning of,” an assessment. Long-term assignments are posted ahead of time with multiple activities built in as checkpoints. No student should be waiting until the last minute to complete them.
    • The extension must be requested in person. During the in-person meeting, students must bring all completed formative and mini summative assignments/progress checks leading up to the long-term assignment. These must be completed in order to be granted an extension. For a long-term essay, this might include elements such as a completed rough draft with peer editing feedback, a graphic organizer, and a group quote analysis.
    • At the meeting, the teacher and student will agree to the deadline extension in writing. Students requesting an extension will write a formal email to their parent(s) and teacher, explaining the reason for the extension request and confirming the agreed-upon date work will be turned in. This will help students learn skills in time management and communication they would need to demonstrate as a college student or a working professional.
    • The student will receive full credit for the final summative assessment if turned in on or before the agreed-upon extension deadline.
    • If the student fails to meet the agreed upon extended due date, there will be no further opportunity to turn in the missing work. Instead, the work submitted at the time when the extension was granted (formative assessments and mini summative assessments such as rough draft, graphic organizers, etc.) will be assessed and entered into the grade book for the summative learning experience. Note that the work completed to date will likely not fulfill all the requirements of the final assessment and will result in a low grade on the assignment.


    Students are expected to attend class regularly. If class is missed, check for handouts missed on Google Classroom and see me the day you return at a good time during the class 

    Mrs. Alt's DE/ English 12 classes use Canvas through the NVCC website.

    Our class will use Canvas as a course management system. Please use Canvas to check the daily agenda, assignment directions and due dates, post responses, and find enrichment materials for the course. This is where you will turn in writing assignments. Students will have access to the class online. Parents can also ask students to log in with them at home to discuss progress and see teacher feedback. NVCC will give you a user name and password to access the site. This should be up and running by mid September.

    Fall 2019 DE Drop Date:

    September 23, 2019- If you are not proving successful in this college course due to its rigor or personal issues, the course can be dropped by the above date. With your agreement, your teacher will send an e-mail with this request to the Office of Dual Enrollment. 

    Fall 2018 DE Withdraw Date:

    November 22, 2019- A withdrawal from your NOVA college course can occur before 60% of the course is completed.  A 'W' will be placed on your permanent college transcript if you elect to leave the college class after the drop date and on or before the withdrawal date. A W on your college transcript does not impact your college GPA.  To be withdrawn, with your permission, your DE Instructor will complete the DE withdrawal form and send to the Office of Dual Enrollment.  Please note, too many withdrawals on a college transcript can impact your ability to secure financial aid in the future.

    NVCC Grading Scale

                            A = 100 - 90    B = 89 - 80      C = 79 - 70      D = 69 - 60      F = 59 and below

    This course syllabus informs students exactly what is expected, when assignments are due, and how grading will be done. Assignments are due on the date given and late work may or may not be accepted. If accepted, it is likely there will be a lower grade assigned. There will be no projects for “extra credit” and there is a firm understanding that students earn grades, and are not “given” grades.

    In cases where district grading policies conflict with college grading policies, the high school and college grades may differ; this may include assignment/test retakes, extended assignment due dates, capped minimum grade allowed, among other such district policies.

    Late papers: Essays and major projects are due on the dates provided. Papers must be submitted at the beginning of class on the day they are due or they are considered late. That means that students should print their paper by the time the bell rings and submit to Safe Assign by the deadline. Papers must be submitted online in the appropriate portal on the day they are due or they will be considered late. Late work will be graded at a deduction of 10% per day late. Please see above for policies for requesting an extension.

    Format for Written Assignments: Papers should be typed, double-spaced and saved in .doc or .docx format in 12 point Times New Roman or similar font. MLA 8 formatting is also required.

    CanvasAll assignments must be submitted to Canvas, where there will be a version of Turnitin.com. Canvas assignment portals are found on NOVA’s Canvas site. Instructions for using Canvas will be provided.

    Loudoun County Grading Scale

    A+ 98-100                   B+ 87-89         C+ 77-79         D+  67-69        F    0-59
    A-  93-97                     B   83-86         C   73-76         D    63-66
    A-  90-92                     B-  80-82         C-  70-72         D-   60-62    

    Year grade for English 12 DE: 

    The year grade for English 12DE is the average of the four quarter grades. Each of these grades is weighted at 25% of the year grade. Note:  English 111 and English 112 are, through Northern Virginia Community College, semester courses. You will receive a separate grade, and three college credits, for the successful completion of each course. The grade for English 111 does not affect the grade for English 112.

    Students absent for extended illness/flu will be given make-up work upon return to the classroom.  Make-up due dates will be discussed with student upon return.   Sufficient time will be given for make-up work.  If you are going to be absent for an extended period, please e-mail me and let me know!



Last Modified on August 24, 2019