• Welcome to a new school year at the GREATEST school in Loudoun!

    We are very excited to have our students back! They have settled in, and teaching and learning is in full force! As a school, we continue to make growth each year.  Our final report card showed the strength of our students’ willingness to work hard.  We’ve made a lot of progress; however, we will continue to push until all students finish on top.  

    As always, we look forward to continuing the partnership between home and school. Volunteers are needed and we want YOU to join in on the great things happening at Sugarland!  Become a room parent, help teachers with copies or laminating, come talk to a class about a topic in which you are an expert, or become an active part of the PTO and work the various events we will have this year!  We need YOU!  We invite you to get involved!  

    Our theme this year is #allin, which means all hands are on deck, working to make Sugarland GREAT!  This will be our epic year!!  Our students know, we are not good; we are GREAT, and we are not average; we are AMAZING!!!

    Dr. Gail Brady, Principal 
     Ms. Gail Brady
Last Modified on December 15, 2021