Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Gail Brady


As a firm believer that all children deserve a high-quality education, marked with high expectations and standards, Dr. Brady has served in public education for the past 23 years, working diligently to transform schools, so all students can experience success.  She lives by the standard that all children, regardless of external factors, can be highly successful and well-prepared for college and beyond.  Dr. Brady believes schools should serve as centers of inquiry, providing authentic learning experiences that compel students to discover their own learning as they think critically about the world around them, and how they can affect change as they become productive citizens.  She also believes in “no-secrets” schools and classrooms, in which teachers, students, and parents know the expectations and can take ownership in the overall success of the vision. 


Dr. Brady believes it is past time to function as if there is no “box” and allow students’ learning to soar beyond expectations.  She believes all children deserve an environment of rigorous learning and high expectations from effective teachers and leaders. She is committed to helping teachers affect change for children. Her experiences over the past 23 years have enabled her to deepen three core values: (1) to keep students at the center of all decisions; (2) to be willing to ask courageous questions in order to improve the educational outcomes for all children; and (3) to embrace a diverse team to ensure that the school community is open to creative and successful possibilities. Having worked as a transformational leader, it is her belief that ongoing effective professional development, critical performance conversations, and instructional decisions driven by data will provide the richest learning experiences for all children. 


Dr. Brady began her educational career in 1990 as a teacher assistant.  Very early on, she knew she wanted to affect change on a different level and began her educational journey at the University of North Carolina Greensboro to obtain her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education.  After several years of teaching, she obtained her Master’s in School Administration.  She served as an assistant principal for two years and six years as a principal.  In her quest to learn more about leadership, she obtained an advanced Master’s in Superintendency.  She has recently completed her doctorate in education, in the spring of 2016.


Dr. Brady believes all that we do, as educators, should be done “on purpose and for purpose” for the sole purpose of advancing learning for all students.  






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