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    Mr. D'Arcangelis received his Bachelor of Science in Geography from Radford University, and completed RU's graduate program for Teaching Certification.  He is currently certified to teach all Histories and Social Sciences in grades 6-12.  Mr. D'Arcangelis' personal spheres of interest include Philosophy, Numismatics, Theoretical Physics, Fishing & Camping, Roman History, and Playing Bass.

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    Mr. D'Arcangelis' classes this year are:
    AP Human Geography
    Geospatial Science/GIS

    Sponsoring:  Strategy Club
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    Students absent for extended illness will be given make-up work upon return to the classroom.  Make-up due dates will be disscussed with the student upon return.  Sufficient time will be given for make-up work.  If you are going to be absent for an extended period, please call guidance and request work!
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