• KenKen is a wonderful mathematical challenge. There are so many different levels that you won't run out of challenges! I challenge myself every day! You will definitely become addicted to this one! Can you KenKen? 

  • Mensa for Kids 

    Visit this site to challenge your brain. Will you tackle the Verb Viper? Or maybe Demolition Division is more your thing. Try one of these.

    • Verb Viper

    • Capital Penquin

    • Meteor Multiplication

    • Minus Mission

    • Word Frog

    • Demolition Division

    • Word Invasion

    • Alien Addition

    • Coconut Vowels 

    • Ratio Blaster

    • Ratio Martian

    • Country Toad 

  • Do you want a daily challenge that will really test your brain? Try SET Game. There is even a tutorial to help you! This is a card game, so you could purchase it as well. I always carry my SET with me!

  • Greg Tang Math is certainly a site to visit. He is an author and a mathematician! You won't find a dull moment on this site. Maybe you could try the Spring Break Challenge? Plenty to choose from on this site!

  • Words, wonderful words! Yes, plenty of wonderful language opportunities on Merriam-Webster. Have fun!

Last Modified on March 16, 2020