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    May Update

    3rd Grade Information - GT NOTIFICATION email sent on May 24th through Permission Click. This information is distributed through the LCPS Gifted and Talented office. 


    2nd Grade - The CogAT scores are available for you to view online. This link will send you to the LCPS Assessment page where many of your questions can be answered. Your child's CogAT scores are only one part of the spring evaluation process of their 3rd grade year. All third-graders continue to receive gifted services on a bi-weekly basis, for more information about the evaluation process, visit this link


    February Update

    The window for spring evaluations has closed. Any student being evaluated (3rd, 4th, or 5th) will be notified through Parent Vue with the results in late May/early June. 

    Ask your child what he or she has been doing in GT class. Many times, the lessons allow for continuation and extension of learning at home. 

    January Update 

    Parents of 3rd graders, please see that your child is NOT absent during our GT lessons. Missed lessons at this time will greatly affect their portfolio submissions. 

    The 4th/5th grade evaluation window has opened (January 2nd-26th). The Gifted Department has updated information and will be sending out an email blast to all 4th and 5th grade parents with more information on or around January 9th. 

     The WINDOW for spring evaluations has CLOSED. 

    LCPS Gifted Department link for those seeking more information pertaining to the email blast. 

    Posted January 3, 2023

    December Update - 3rd grade CogAT scores for those students who took the test in the fall should be available in ParentVue around December 8th. 

    3rd grade students have been working on their talent development lessons for the past couple of months and have started their portfolio lessons this month. The GT evaluation process has started for all third-graders. Final decisions will be made in May and notifications will be sent in June. 

    Please ask your child what he/she is learning in GT class!

    November Update -    3rd grade testing at Waxpool has been completed for those who didn't have CogAT scores. The testing window is still open, so scores will be posted on ParentVue when available. Please check your Parent Vue account in December. 

    4th and 5th graders in the GIA and DCI Language Arts programs will be taking the WordMasters Challenge this month. Specific dates are listed on their Schoology accounts. 

    3rd graders have started their talent development lessons in preparation for the portfolio lessons used for GT evaluation. Please ask your child how he/she solved the problem! 

    October Update  - Those third grade students who are new to LCPS and do not have CogAT scores on file will be tested this month. You would have received an email and permission form if your child needed testing. 

    September Update  

    I will be attending Mr. Pelligrino's Coffee Talk on Tuesday, September 26th at 6:30 to introduce myself and share information about the programs offered at Waxpool Elementary.  

    4th grade GIA and DCI students will have class on Tuesdays.

    5th grade GIA and DCI students will have class on Wednesdays.

    4th and 5th grade students participating in the LCPS GT programs will have access to Schoology where specific class information will be contained.

    3/4/5 Gifted Information Presentation

    K-5 Gifted Programs

    August Update

    K-3rd enrichment classes begin the first week of school. Ask your child what they learned with Ms. Sutter.

    4th and 5th graders NEW to LCPS

    PARENTS who have 4th and 5th graders who are new to LCPS and have been in a gifted program at their previous school should contact Ms. Sutter.  We do not automatically place your child in the GT programs offered at our school as all GT programs vary and we want to ensure correct placement for your child's success. 

    3rd graders NEW to LCPS  

    All new 3rd graders who do not have a CogAT on file will be receiving a "Permission to Test" form. The testing window is October 16th - November 30th.The three testing dates will be shared with you no later than October 3rd. Deadline to return the permission form is October 2nd. 


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  • K-2 Enrichment Program

    ALL STUDENTS in K-2 will receive a bi-weekly critical-thinking lesson from the GRT (Gifted Resource Teacher). 

    These lessons are not graded, but rather offered as a way to strengthen one's critical thinking abilities.  

    This curriculum is problem-solving based and founded upon gifted education research.  The curriculum spirals developmentally through five components:  reasoning, perceiving, connecting, evaluating, and creating.  Each grade level learns about each component at increasingly more complex and abstract levels.

    The CogAT is administered in 2nd grade. More information will be shared by your child's classroom teacher as testing takes place in the classroom. 

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  • 3rd Enrichment Program

    ALL THIRD GRADERS receive enrichment lessons on a bi-weekly basis. 

    TALENT DEVELOPMENT lessons are presented which provide students with exposure to the types of tasks that are included in the portfolio assessments.

    PORTFOLIO ASSESSMENTS are taught during enrichment lessons and collected. These portfolio pieces are used in the third grade evaluation in spring. The collective pieces are scored as being either typical responses, having potential, or excelling in their responses. Ask your child about the portfolio lessons and how he/she solved the problems. 

    The COGNITIVE ABILITIES TEST is administered in 2nd grade, except if your 3rd grade child has transferred to LCPS and does not have a test on file. The GT Department uses a minimum of two school-normed scores on this assessment for the third grade evaluation in the spring. 

    MAP (Math and Reading) Fall/Spring assessments will be administered by the classroom teacher. All information about the MAP tests will be shared by your child's classroom teacher. The GT Department uses these scores for the third grade evaluation in the spring.

    GIFTED EVALUATION takes place in the spring of 3rd grade. The student's MAP, CogAT, and Portfolio are then evaluated by a committee of Gifted Resource Teachers (GRT). Notification of eligibility status will be sent in late May by the LCPS Gifted Supervisor Wendy.King@lcps.org


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  • 4-5 Enrichment Programs

    GENERAL INTELLECTUAL ABILITY (GIA) identified students will participate in a critical thinking program once a week. They will also receive one lesson of DCI Math and DCI Reading per week. 

    4th meets on Tuesdays

    5th meets on Wednesdays

    DIFFERENTIATED CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION (DCI) MATH identified students participate in one lesson a week in an intensive math course. Students identified for this program demonstrated strong mathematical skills in both the MAP and CogAT. 

    DIFFERENTIATED CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION (DCI) READING identified students participate in one lesson a week in an intensive reading course. Students identified for this program demonstrated strong ELA (English/Language Art) skills in both the MAP and CogAT.

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  • EDGE program  (Empowering Diversity through Gifted Education)

    The EDGE program is designed to nurture and challenge students with advanced academic potential from groups historically underrepresented in LCPS advanced academic and gifted programs. The program provides additional academic challenges for students designed to develop students' individual potential. Classroom teachers and GRTs work together to nurture academic potential in our younger learners and prepare them for more challenging and rigorous academic pathways. You will be notified if your child demonstrates a need for this program. 

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  • Email: shannon.sutter@lcps.org

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