Drama Overview

    Peter Pan  
    Hello! My name is Dolly Stevens and I am thrilled to to be running the  BRMS after-school drama program. Iʼve been a professional actor/director and instructor for over 25 years.

    About the Drama Program
    It is my belief that at this important age in a childʼs life, they need opportunity for exposure to many different activities and experiences. To that end, I am opposed to the notion that Drama should require a childʼs time for the entire school year (unless of course, he/she is already “hooked” and chooses this path.)  Therefore, I have set the program up with different offerings:
    • Fall -  “Broadway Bound”- a musical theatre class, in which students learn the fundamentals of being part of a musical ensemble; there will be opportunities for solos, duets, trios and of course, ensemble numbers, complete with choreography as needed. Instructor will provide one on one coaching, as well as for the whole group. Each of the two classes (Tue/Thu and Wed/Fri) will culminate in a single performance at the end of the 3-week period. Just in time for the musical auditions! (Note: The class is not a prerequisite for being cast in the musical!) 
    • Winter - is the time for the annual school musical.  The time frame for this is early October (auditions) to mid-February (final performances.)  
    Rehearsals - October and November are about learning the music and choreography. December is staging and January will be clean-up and run-throughs. [*Note, a rehearsal schedule is published prior to the start of rehearsals, typically we rehearse 5 times a week, but more so toward the end. It will be difficult for a child who commits to the musical to do another activity during this time, but there are many variables. Basketball is an example of an activity that often-though not necessarily conflicts with the musical, in terms of scheduling.]

    The Burning Question: “Does my child have to participate in the fall class in order to be involved in the musical?” The Resounding Answer: NO! The whole point is to give kids the opportunity to be involved in Drama, be it the fall class, the spring musical, or both...they have the option, and Drama does not have to occupy their entire year, unless they want it to. True, the class size is limited and true, casting of the musical will also be limited (to mid 40s) and is cast by audition, but the school musical is open to every student, regardless of whether they participate in the fall or not!

    Please feel free to email me with any other questions you may have about the Drama program here at BRMS. I can be reached at dolly@spotlightstudio@gmail.com

    Thank you! Itʼs going to be another great year for BRMS Drama!
    -Dolly Stevens