Drama Overview


    Drama is a program of the BRMS Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), and the PTO is proud to sponsor Broadway Bound and the musical each year. The Blue Ridge Drama program has been extremely successful, due in large part to the partnership between the BRMS PTO and Dolly Stevens, its consultant. 


    About the Drama Program

    Broadway Bound:  Offered in the Fall and Spring, Broadway Bound is a musical theatre class, in which students learn the fundamentals of being part of a musical ensemble.  There are opportunities for solos, duets, trios and of course, ensemble numbers, complete with choreography. One on one coaching will be provided, as well as instruction for the whole group.  Two sections of classes are offered (Tuesday/Thursday and Wednesday/Friday), which culminates in a single performance at the end of classes. This class is NOT a pre-requisite for the annual school musical.


    Annual School Musical:  Musicals at Blue Ridge are award-winning, due to the talent of our students, the support of our parents and staff, and the amazing direction of our consultant. If you have ever been to one of our productions, be it the Lion King, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, or Peter Pan, you know why.  Auditions for the musical are in October, with performances scheduled over the course of two weekends in February. Auditions are competitive, and typically, more students will audition than there are spots available. However, the musical is open to every student and all students are strongly encouraged to audition!  If a student is cast in the production, there is a fee to participate and all parents are expected to volunteer in some way as part of the “crew.”


    Participating in the Musical is a commitment. Rehearsals are from October through February, with October and November being about learning the music and choreography, with December focusing on staging, and January focusing on polishing the performance and run-throughs. Rehearsals are five times a week, although the number of days a student is expected to attend varies depending on their role. The closer to the production, the more days of rehearsal a student will be expected to attend. Therefore, it can be challenging for a student who commits to the musical to do another activity during this time.


    There will be an Information Night for the Musical in early fall to learn more about the process and expectations. There are also Audition Workshops prior to Auditions, so that students can be exposed to the songs and dances ahead of time to make their audition the best it can be! Although not required, attending one of the sessions is encouraged.


    Please feel free to email Sunita Ruhnke, the Vice President of Drama at blueridgedrama@gmail.com with any questions you might have about the Drama Program.