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Full NameDepartmentE-mail
Alexander, Mark E.Social Science
Alt, LaraEnglish
Angel, DorothyEnglish
Bak, ShannonResource
Benedict, JamesScience
Bolton, KathyInstructional - Teacher
Bono, WilliamForeign Language
Breeden, BrendaInstructional - Teacher
Brown, AngelaELL
Brown, JarodMath
Brown, JustinSocial Science
Brown, RickAdministration - Assistant
Brown, Susan A.Resource
Bullock, TammyCTE - Business and IT
Burrows, MelissaSecurity - Safety and Security
Byrd, MalindaSupport - Study Hall
Caccamo, AmyResource
Cameron, ShirleyMain Office-
Campbell, CourtneyMath
Carr, JamesSocial Science
Carr, KarenMath
Caruso, JoelHealth and PE
Cassidy, KateAssistant Athletic
Cate, HelenaTechnology - Instructional Tech
Chandlee, DanCTE - Technology Education
Chappell, NicholeResource
Cody, TracySocial Science
Cohen, JayScience
Craddock, KateTechnology - Instructional Tech
Croyle, DanSchool Counseling -
D'Arcangelis, PhilipSocial Science
Dagstani, TonyaLibrary -
Daniel, KatieEnglish
Daniel, NicoleSocial Science
Davidson, PamSocial Science
Dorman, DaianaSupport - Parent
Driver, PeggyMath
Egger, ValerieEnglish
Evangelisto, KathleenResource
Fiorilli, LisaEnglish
Fleischmann, KaitlinResource
Forbes, JessicaResource
Foust, DeannaCTE - NJROTC
Francis, FelicityScience Teacher
Garrison, KathyMain Office-
Gentili, ChristineLibrary -
Gibson, YukiForeign Language
Gill, MonicaSocial Science
Gillespie, Jeremy CTE - NJROTC
Goldstein, AndreaForeign Language
Gordon, AdamMath
Green, JessieSchool Counseling -
Hale, KevinSocial Science
Hanger, RobertScience
Harden, JessicaMain Office - Principal's
Hardy, NathaliaEnglish
Heanue, MurielAdministration - Assistant
Heisey, LindseyForeign Language
Hill, ToddHealth and PE
Hopson, AmandaResource
Hunter, JanetInstructional - Teacher
Hutson, KatherineELL
Ives, KathrynEnglish
Jackson, BobSupport - Plant
Jarrett, MichikoSocial Science
Jenkins, KylaFine Arts - Art
Kane, TaylorEnglish
Keener, Mercedes Main Office - Attendance
Kehr, RichardSupport - Head
Kim, MosesScience
Klass, VictoriaSchool
Krepich, LynnForeign Language
Kuebler, DoreneCTE - FACS Teacher
Landers, MatthewForeign Language
Leonard, StacieScience
Levy, LisaEnglish
Lewis, ArleneEnglish
Locraft, KathleenSchool Counseling -
Luttrell, MichelleAdministration -
Lynch, TerryResource
Mackey, OliviaHealth and PE
Maines, MarkMath
McCauley, TerrySocial Science
McCullough, KareemFine Arts - Guitar
McKenzie, ElinorSocial Science
Meissel, JenniferLibrary - Teacher
Michaels, BarbaraResource
Mitchum, AnnaSchool Counseling -
Moinifar, KarenELL
Moses, MichelleResource
Moulds, TerriScience
Mowery, MarinaELL
Nerantzis, ShannonNurse -
Nicholson, MichelleTechnology - Instructional
Olsen, KatiaForeign Language
Parke, DanielleHealth and PE
Patterson, MarkAdministration - Assistant
Pellegrini, MichaelFamily Life Education
Pellegrino, LisaReading
Pennington, MarkInstructional - Teacher
Perla, RosaInstructional - Teacher
Petrella, DianeCTE - Business/Marketing
Piccolomini, JohnResource
Post, KatieMath
Prince, MatthewMath
Pulley, AndreaFine Arts - Strings
Rader, ToniEnglish Teacher
Rayburn, TonyHealth and PE
Reifsnyder, RobertSecurity - Probation
Ricci, RichardMath
Ridgeway, DebraInstructional - Teacher
Rives, LindaMain Office -
Robinson, JameeELL
Rosenfeld, WilliamFine Arts - Music
Ross, RobertSupport - Study Hall
Rowley, KathieSchool Cousenling -
Royse, SarahMath
Rudinsky, GaryFine Arts - Art
Santos, MeganAthletic
Schonberger, MarthaResource
Schutte, AbbyMath
Serrano, CarlosCTE - NJROTC
Sheehan, KaseeSchool Cousenling -
Shepherd, JudithResource
Sheppard, BruceAthletics -
Sheppard, LindaInstructional - Teacher
Shingler, MelindaEnglish
Sibley, AmyForeign Language
Stivers, PamelaResource
Supcoe, RobertHealth and PE
Taylor, KristinaTesting - Testing
Thomas, NancySocial Science
Thompson, PamInstructional - Teacher
Torres, EricaInstructional - Teacher
Travis, MarkScience
Turner, DebbieCafeteria -
Upchurch, RebeccaInstructional -
Urban, KaylaScience
Vahsen, MelMath
Vipond, CarySocial Science
Virts, PatriciaCTE - Marketing
Voketaitis, ElaineResource
Wagoner, JanaEnglish
Webster, TracyScience
Weinstein, MichaelScience
Wells, JohnFine Arts - Drama Teacher
Wells, TravisInstructional - Teacher
West, LangstonSchool Counseling - Career Center
Wilburn, AdamCTE - Technology Education
Williams, BethEnglish
Williams, SteveSocial Science
Wiseman, DebraMath
Wolff, BillSecurity - School Resource Police
Wolfgang, ChristopherResource
Woodward, AngelaCTE - Marketing
Yates, MaryInstructional - Teacher
Yocom, JaneSupport - In-School Restriction
Young, DarronFine Arts - Band Director/
Zisa, AdamSchool Counseling -

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