• AM Procedure

    Please follow the traffic flow as shown in the map below.  Only drop off students in the area marked with the RED X for their safety.  Remind your students who walk to use cross walks, including in the parking lot.  If you need to come inside in the morning please park your car in the parent parking area, use the cross walk to cross the parking lot, come into the building through the main doors, and have a Photo ID ready.  No students are to be inside the building prior to 7:45.  Thank you.


    PM Procedure

    We have made one significant change this year in our car loop procedures.  Please refer to the Car Loop map.  Due to safety concerns we have added a section of parking for parents.  Instead of waiting in the car loop line at 3:00 p.m. please park your car in the designated areas to allow for less congestion for our buses and other cars.  Please DO NOT park your car in areas that are not in the designated spots as this will cause dangerous situations.  It is very important that all parents comply with this directive.  Please be courteous to other parents by following simple procedures.  Please do not place your student’s belongings in the trunk of your car.  Students should have their backpacks and other necessary items readily available and they should exit the car quickly.  Do not wait to watch them enter the building as we have staff members on duty supervising them.  Please DO NOT text while your car is in motion.  We are doing our best to make our car loop as safe as possible and effective so it’s a pleasant experience for everyone.  Thank you so much for your cooperation!  Please find a picture of the map with directions on the car loop

    Car Loop Map