• FWS Flow of Traffic

    Walkers & Car Riders

    If your student is a walker, please remind them to use the cross walks, including in the parking lot.

    AM Procedure

    Walkers and car riders will enter through the B-8 entrance (on the left hand side of the school by the trailers) rather than the main entrance to the school. Students are allowed to enter the B-8 entrance at 8:00am. Students will need to wait if they arrive earlier than 8:00am. We ask that parents make sure to pull all the way up when in the car line.

    6th graders will report to the gym, 7th graders to the cafeteria, and 8th graders to the auditorium once they enter the B-8 entrance.

    Note that the B-8 entrance is locked after 8:30am. If your student arrives after 8:30am and the door is locked, they will need to go to the main entrance of the school to check in.

    Click HERE for the Morning Kiss and Ride Map.

    PM Procedure

    Walkers and car riders will exit the school through the B-8 doors. Car Rider Parents - If you arrive early, we ask that parents park behind the trailers and wait for their student (see map below). This will help to alleviate traffic backed out onto Gloucester Parkway. Thank you for your patience!

    Click HERE for the Afternoon Kiss and Ride Map. 

    Bus Riders

    AM Procedure

    Buses will pull up in front of the school. Bus riders will enter the building through the A-1 entrance.

    PM Procedure

    Bus riders will exit the building through the A-1 doors. 


    If you need to drop by the school for another reason besides dropping off or picking up your student, please park in the parking lot to the left of the school. Head to the main entrance doors and ring the bell. Have your ID ready.