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  • EL(English Learners)/ ML (Multilingual Learners) Program Model for Elementary School

    EL students spend their day in classrooms with English-speaking peers. EL teachers collaborate with classroom teachers as well as push-in to classrooms to support and provide accommodations for the student. An EL student may also receive assistance for part of the day through the pull-out component of the EL program.  In the pull-out component, students go to the EL classroom for intensive instruction in English.


    EL/ML Eligibility

    Eligibility for the EL program is based on information on the initial school registration form. Any indication that English is an additional language requires that the student be tested for English fluency. A standardized test called the WIDA ACCESS Placement Test is given to determine the level of English language proficiency. If a student is eligible to receive EL services, an appropriate program of instruction will be designed for him/her. 

    Student progress is evaluated in the winter/spring of every year using the WIDA ACCESS for ELL's Test.


    EL/ML Program Completion

    Students receive EL support until they demonstrate a level of English proficiency that allows them to work successfully in the regular classroom. While verbal proficiency may be rapidly acquired, proficiency in academic subjects may take seven to ten years. Once a student has demonstrated on the WIDA ACCESS for ELL's Assessment a high degree of English proficiency, they are moved to monitor status for the next two years. During this time, student progress is monitored. At the end of the two-year monitor period, students have completed the EL program.



    If you have any questions, please contact an EL Teacher by email at Molly.Walker@lcps.orgRitika.Sharma@lcps.org, or Jen.Boyle@lcps.org . You can also call the school at (571) 367-4220.  


    Please click on link https://www.lcps.org/Page/204070 for more information about LCPS ML Department. 

     We will continue to post opportunities for families provided by the Family and Community Engagement Office (FACE) of LCPS throughout the year. Please see the below flyer for this month's FACE meeting.

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