Waxpool Elementary School Counselors, School Social Worker and School Psychologist




    School Counselor for Kindergarten, 2nd and 4th grade is Jessica Carper 

    Jessica Carper

    School Counselor for 1st, 3rd and 5th grade is Michelle Fernandez 

    Michelle Fernandez

    School Social Worker for all grades is Donna Vanik

    Donna Vanik

    School Psychologist for all grades is Ryan Harting 

    Ryan Harting


    *The school counselor is the first point of contact for initial student concerns.  The school counselor will collaborate and plan for supports with other school-based mental health team members (i.e., school psychologist, school social worker, student assistance specialist), as appropriate. 

    Click on the blue linked name above if you want to email your child's Counselor or call 571-367-4220.    

    The purpose of the school counseling program is to help all students succeed both academicallyand socially.  As school counselors, we will be working with all students in the following domains:

    • Academic development
    • Career development
    • Personal/social development

    The guidance curriculum will be incorporated in several ways throughout the year including classroom guidance and small group enrichment as well as additional counseling services.

     School Counseling Lessons:

    We will be meeting with each classroom throughout the school year for school counseling lessons.  Lessons will be taught every other week and are 30 minutes long.  These lessons will include character education, study skills, test-taking skills, conflict resolution, friendship, making and keeping friends, team building, problem solving, goal setting, celebrating diversity, and careers.

     Small Group Counseling:

    We  will  be leading several small groups, on several topics, throughout the school year for grades K– 5.  Each group will meet for 15-30 minutes, typically during lunch.  Each group will run for 4-8 weeks.  Administrators, teachers, and parents may refer students to participate in the small groups.  Small group participation is optional and parents must give permission for their child to participate in the small groups.  Please contact us for more information on small group counseling.

     Individual Counseling – Students may meet with us individually to discuss any issues throughout the year.  A student may refer themselves by filling out a guidance form or letting his/her teacher know.  Teachers or parents may also refer children at any time by contacting us.  These concerns may include, but are not limited to, the following topics:  illness or death of a loved one, separation or divorce of parents, conflicts with friends or siblings, and/or any concerns that are interfering with academic performance or social development.

     Parent Consultation –We are available to consult with parents on any issue that may be interfering with your child’s academic performance or social development.  Please contact us to set up an appointment at any time throughout the school year.  We can be reached by email Jessica Carper or Michelle Fernandez or you can reach us by contacting the school office at 571-367-4220.




Last Modified on August 28, 2023