(Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports)


    Our PBIS goal at BBES is to promote positive behavior by encouraging students to ROAR

    (Respect, On task, Always Responsible). 

    By ROARing we learn to be great students, hard workers and leaders.


     Ball's Bluff Elementary has been a PBIS school since the 2007-2008 school year. 

    We were 1 of 5 schools in the county to pilot the framework which is now a county directive for all schools.

    PBIS is a framework with the premise that by reducing behavior concerns, academic growth will become more evident.  With less problem behaviors the teacher will have to correct behavior less and will be able to instruct more.  One way this is achieved is through common, school-wide expectations and use of a general behavior framework.

pbis board
  • Using consistent language like ROAR, 4 S line and others allows for the entire staff to monitor every child. 

    With these school-wide expectations, students understand quickly how to be an exemplary BBES tiger.  BBES has ROAR expectations for the classroom, hallways, cafeteria, playground, restrooms, buses and also for using technology.

  • Teachers are always on the lookout for exemplary Tigers and your child just might get

    "Caught Being Good." 

    These "Tiger Paws" or "Eye of the Tigers" are how students earn classroom and school-wide incentives.  Students select incentives they want to work towards earning in their rooms, giving them more ownership.

  • You can watch our progress by seeing the Tower of Power fill up in the front lobby.  Students' positive behaviors help meet their classroom goals and fill the tower to earn 4 possible school-wide rewards.  Our reward goals this year are at 6000, 12000, 18000 and 24000 Paws.

  • How can you help?

    How about ROAR rules at home?

    R=Respect -

    Listen to my parents

    Use good words

    Be kind to my brothers and sisters

    O=On task -

    Make sure homework and chores are done on time

    AR= Always Responsible - 

    Clean up my room

    Put my things away

    Make sure I am ready to get to school on time