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Multi-Tiered System of Supports

Three Tiers of Instruction & Intervention through MTSS

  • Three tier triangle system of supports

    Tier 1 (Primary):  Tier 1 is often known as Universal Prevention Strategies or the Core.  At Tier 1, efforts are focused on preventing the development of new incidents/ occurrences through the implementation of high quality learning environments for all students and staff and across all settings (i.e., school-wide, classroom, and non-classroom). Universal screenings identify students who are not achieving as expected and require additional support within the core curriculum.

    Tier 2 (Secondary):  Tier 2 is often known as Targeted Interventions. At Tier 2, efforts are focused on reducing the frequency and intensity of academic, behavioral and/or social emotional needs for students who are not responsive to primary intervention practices by providing more focused, targeted, and frequent small group-oriented responses.  Progress is monitored frequently using multiple assessments (e.g., behavioral data, benchmark assessments, etc). 

    Tier 3 (Tertiary):  Tier 3 is often known as Intensive Interventions.  At Tier 3, efforts are focused on reducing the intensity, frequency, and/or complexity of existing academic, behavioral and/or social emotional needs that are resistant to and/or unlikely to be addressed by primary and secondary prevention efforts by providing individualized responses. Progress is monitored even more frequently than in Tier 2 to determine the impact of the intervention on the student‘s learning.

Virginia Tiered Systems of Support (VTSS)

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    Loudoun County Public Schools has been awarded a $20,000 grant by the Virginia Department of Education and selected to participate in Cohort 5 of the Virginia Tiered System of Support (VTSS) program.  Through participation in the VTSS Cohort, LCPS will receive technical assistance and training to further expand the implementation of LCPS's Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS).  LCPS will specifically focus on aligning resources, teams, and systems to promote consistency in prevention and intervention efforts across the school division and on interconnecting school mental health supports and interventions within the MTSS framework to better support the needs of the whole child.  

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