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    Suspect your child may have a disability and need special education services?                                          Request a free developmental screening appointment by completing BOTH steps below (scroll down).

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  • Our appointments are available for PRESCHOOL children ages 2 (by September 30) to 5 (NOT age-eligible or registered for Kindergarten). Once your child is age-eligible and registered for Kindergarten, please contact the school that they will be attending to discuss your concerns.  

    STEP #1: Complete the PRESCHOOL Child Find Multi-Purpose Referral Form via this link: Preschool Child Find Multi-Purpose Referral Form   Please DO NOT submit this for school age children.  If your child attends a private preschool or daycare, please send that school/daycare the following link and ask the child's teacher to complete the LCPS Preschool Teacher/Daycare Provider Input Report as soon as possible.

    STEP #2: PLEASE FOLLOW THESE DIRECTIONS EXACTLY AS THEY ARE WRITTEN  **Priority with scheduling will be given to those that complete BOTH steps correctly and submit all of the documents for verification. 

    • Collect your preschool child's birth certificate, government issued photo ID for one parent, and proof of residency documents as indicated below.  
      • Proof of residency must be one of the following:
        • Signed deed 
        • Signed lease
        • Signed settlement papers
        • Signed rental agreement
        • Mortgage statement for the current month
        • Deed of trust

    If you do not have one of these documents, please call our office at 571-252-2180

    • Go to the LCPS District Online Pre-Registration page at https://www.lcps.org/Page/187320
      • Scroll down slightly until you find the titles ‘Families New to LCPS’ or ‘Parent of a Current LCPS Student’.  Follow the directions under the title that you fall under.
    • Once you have created your account and have logged in, choose 2021-2022 Child Find Appointment Request from the menu and click Begin New Registration and Verification.
    • Complete all required fields, review the data. You must click the Submit button to complete the process.

    We cannot schedule an appointment until all of the supporting documents are supplied. If you elect to provide the documents at a later time, we will have to collect those prior to scheduling.

     Appointments are currently being held in person at:

    Preschool Child Find 
    20 Union Street, NW
    Leesburg, VA 20176