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    Anne Friedrich
    Department: World Language Departement

    A Day:
    1st German I
    2nd German IV
    3rd Planning
    4th German II

    B Day:
    5th Farmwell Station Middle School
    6th Planning
    7th German V/AP
    8th German III

     Phoenix             Schoology

    Sponsored Activities:
    • German Club
    Other Information:
    "Frau" was born and raised in Berlin, Germany where she also aquired her Bachelor's and Master's. She has taught two years in Montgomery County, Md. This year she will teach all German levels at Broad Run High School and Farmwell Station Middle School. In her spare time she loves to see her two daughters on stage dancing ballet, horse back riding and raising chickens. But there is nothing more relaxing than a book by her favorite thriller author Sebastian Fitzek and chocolate. Lots of chocolate.
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