• Mrs. Rangwani

    Mrs. Rangwani has been teaching Math in Loudoun County for 12 years. She is excited to teach at Dominion High school as she starts her 13th year teaching math. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics from University of Bombay and a Master's degree in Management in Information Systems from North Carolina State University. This year(2019-2020) she is teaching Algebra I and Geometry. Prior to becoming a teacher, Mrs. Rangwani worked as a Systems Engineer at IBM for 10 years. 

    My office hours are as follows -
    Tuesday - Thursday 8:30-9:00am.
    Other times can be arranged by appointment.
    Mrs. Rangwani's schedule:
    A Days  B Days
     Planning -L301 Geometry-L310
     Data Team -L312 Algebra 1-L310
     Geometry -L301 Geometry-L310
     Algebra 1-L301
    Please feel free to send me an email at vimla.rangwani@lcps.org if you have a concern about your child.
    • Check Phoenix before return !!! You need to get caught up ahead of time so you are ready before coming to next class.
    • Attendance is VERY important.