About Crossed Sabres 


    Crossed Sabres is Loudoun County High School's award-winning literary magazine. A dedicated staff of students supervised by Ms. Egger work throughout the year to encourage students to submit their literary and artistic works. During second semester, students begin the creative work of designing, editing, and assembling the literary magazine, which is published in late spring. All LCHS students are encouraged to submit poetry, short stories, essays, dramatic scenes, photography, art, musical scores and compositions, graphic novel excerpts, comic strips, and other artistic works for consideration in the magazine. Any student whose work appears in the magazine is given a free copy of the magazine. 

    Crossed Sabres 2019: Uncertainty

    View our 2019 issue here. 

    cover 2019


    Crossed Sabres 2018: Renaissance

    View our 2018 issue here or use the preview below: 


    Crossed Sabres 2017: Crossing Boundaries

    View our 2017 issue here or use the preview below:


    Crossed Sabres 2016: Day and Night 

    Use this link to check out our 2016 issue, Day and Night, or view it in the preview below:
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