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    WildLife After School Enrichment Program

    Spring 2020 Club Catalog



    Willard Intermediate PTA WildLife Extracurricular Activities Program Spring 2020 

    The Spring 2020 session of WildLife will be held weekly (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) for ten weeks (or ten sessions), unless otherwise specified. Students are permitted to enroll in multiple classes. 

    REGISTRATION OPENS Monday, February 10th at 5:00 PM and CLOSES Sunday, February 16th  at 11:59 PM. 

    Some classes are grade-level specific and some classes have a supply fee, so please read the course description carefully. Classes will start on Monday, February 17th. The cost is $40 per student, per class, unless otherwise specified. Classes run from 3:45 - 4:45 on scheduled days. 

    PTA members will be afforded a one (1) day early registration. Members will be emailed with a code key to be used during registration. Early registration begins February 8th at 5:00 PM and ends February 9th , 11:59 PM. 

    Activity buses are available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (Buses arrive at 4:45). You may view Activity Bus routes on here, please note that Activity Buses are not the same as our normal bus routes. To properly use this document, please note there are two routes (route 586, page 1 and route 764, page 2). Route 586 is points east of Willard (primarily Stone Ridge and surrounding neighborhoods). While Route 764 is points west of Willard (Lenah Mill, Willowsford, etc.). You will need to find the stop most convenient for you and your child, and they will get off the bus at that location. 

     Some WildLife classes are held before school, so please read the course descriptions carefully.For students who are not picked up within 15 minutes of class dismissal, the Wildlife coordinator will contact the parent via phone or email. If the same student is not picked up within 15 minutes of class dismissal a second time, that student will be removed from the WildLife class and no refund will be issued . 

    Your child may choose a class from the Spring 2020 catalog which will be posted on the Willard website . If your child(ren) is enrolling in multiple classes, a separate registration must be completed for each class. 

    If a class must be cancelled due to low enrollment, you will receive a refund from the PTA in the form of a check; however that refund will not include the Pay4SchoolStuff administration fee. Please choose your class(es) carefully. There will be NO refunds for 

    voluntary withdrawals, and credits will not be issued. There will be no class switches, so please read the course description carefully. 

    The link to register and pay for all after-school classes is www.pay4schoolstuff.com. If you haven’t already, you’ll be required to create an account. On the “Parent” tab, click on “Get Started Now” and follow the directions. At the end of enrollment on the “Order Review” page,remember to click on the Pay button on the bottom; otherwise, the transaction will not be complete and your child(ren) will not be enrolled in the class(es). You will receive a confirmation email from pay4schoolstuff.com after the transaction. 

    If you have any questions, please contact the WildLife Administrator, Mark Drye (mark.drye@lcps.org).