• Frequently Asked Questions

    2016-2017 School Year



    School Supplies:


    1. Where can I find a list of school supplies for my child?


    WEB SITE.  JLSMS posts a detailed school supply on our school web site prior to the beginning of the school year.



    1. I heard my child needs to have book covers.  Does Simpson sell them or can I buy them elsewhere?  What size do I need?


    No book covers are needed.



    Parent/Student Orientation and Back to School Night:


    1. When does Simpson have its orientation and open house for parents and what do parents do during the open house?



    August 24, 2016 at either 4:30 PM or 7:00 PM


    Orientation is for ALL rising 6th grade parents and parents of 7th & 8th grade students who are new to JLSMS for 2016-2017.


    Orientation includes a meeting with Mr. Runfola, the Principal, and an opportunity to walk around the school. This year, students will receive locker information and other opporutnities are available such as buying PE attire, getting help with Parent Vue, signing up for PTBoard (PTO communication tool), seeing the nurse and dropping off TDAP forms.



    September 7th @ 6:30 PM for 6th Grade Parents.

    September 14th @ 6:30 PM for 7th & 8th Grade Parents.

                            *Spectrum, Reading and Special Education teachers are available at 6 pm. 


    Back to school nights include a meeting with Mr. Runfola, the Principal, and meeting with all of your child’s teachers for an interval of time.


    Opening School Year Items:


    1. When do I find out my class schedule?


    Check Parent and Student Vue about a week before classes begin.


    1. What should I bring with me the first couple days of school?


    The Princpal send out a special parent and student letter giving this information around the first week in August.


    1. Do I need an agenda?


    YES.  All students will be given an agenda on the morning of the first day of school which includes the student handbook of school rules and policies.  All students are expected to keep this agenda for the duration of the school year to note assignment due dates, homework, etc; and will be used to write passes for students to leave the classrooms and go other places in the school such as the library, bathroom, teacher rooms, etc.


    If a student loses or damages his/her initial agenda, he/she can purchase a new one from the main office for $5.00 while supplies last.  Once supplies are depleted, students can use a small notebook as their agenda.


    1. Where do students meet after arriving at school?


    Students can dropped off at school starting at 8:00 AM.  If students arrive to school between 8:00 AM and 8:15 AM, they will wait in the main foyer of the school until dismissed to the locations below at 8:15 AM where they remain until 8:30 AM.


    AUX GYM.  6th graders report to the aux gym.


    MAIN GYM.  7th graders report to the main gym.


    AUDITORIUM.  8th graders report to the auditorium.


    1. Will my student get lost the first few days of school?


    NO.  Some students, especially new 6th graders, may have some trouble finding their classrooms.  However, teachers are always willing to help direct students to the right location and during the first week of school the PTO has many parent volunteers located throughout the school and in the hallways to assist the students.  Parents and house staff are also available to assist students in opening lockers which is something new for the 6th graders and one of their biggest worries.


    1. How is each Grade Level set up with support for my child?


    HOUSES.  Each grade level is set up as a House which includes many of your child’s teachers as well as a Dean, Counselor, and Secretary.


    Dean.  Provides leadership, supervision, and support to all teachers and students of the assigned grade level.  He/she is responsible for the discipline of the students within the grade level and is available to help students with any concerns.


    Counselor.  Provides guidance and counseling to students having any emotional, personal, social, or academic concerns.  Assists teachers in working with any students having such issues to best meet the unique needs of students.  Provides classroom guidance on topics of bullying, harassment, etc.


    Secretary.  Provides support to the dean, counselor, teachers, and students of the assigned grade level.  All early dismissal notes, bus requests, and/or student phone calls home are done through the secretary.


    The dean, counselor, and secretary work very closely together to ensure a safe, supportive, and positive learning environment for students.



    Late Arrival, Early Dismissal, Bus Ride with Friends:


    1. If I am late for school, where do I go?  Do I need a note from my parents?


    LATE ARRIVAL.  Any student arriving late to school must check in with the House A (8th Grade) secretary with a parent note.


    NOTE.  Yes, all students who arrive late or need to leave early must bring in a note.  If leaving early, the note is submitted to the appropriate grade level secretary.


    1. My child wants to go home with a friend…
      • Do I need to send in a note for my child to ride a different bus?
      • Do I need to send in a note for my child to ride home with another parent?


    YES.  Parents must send a note with their child to school giving permission to ride a different bus home with a friend or to ride home with another parent.  This note is to be submitted to the grade level secretary prior to the start of school.



    Bus Information and Parent Drop Off & Pick Up:


    1. How can I find out what bus my child should ride to school and the pick up and drop off times?

          Parent and Student Vue are your best source for this information.  


                WEB SITE:  This information is posted on the JLSMS and LCPS websites as soon as released by the LCPS transportation             department (mid August).  This information is also provided to local media and newspapers.


    FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL.  If you intend for your child to ride the bus on a regular basis it is a good idea to start this on the first day of school so that the LCPS transportation department is able to ensure a pick up and drop off at your child’s designated location.


    1. What time can I drop off my child in the morning?


    8:00 AM.  Students should NOT be dropped off at school before 8:00 AM.


    1. Is there any transportation available for after school activities?


    YES.  Activity bus transportation will be offered 2 days per week during most of the school year.  This year it is Tuesday and Wednesday. Activity busses leave JLSMS at 4:28 PM.  These busses provide regional drop off at predetermined locations and do NOT provide door-to-door service.  At the beginning of the school year, a list of the drop off locations will be available at the school.



    Getting Organized:


    1. Do you have any suggestions to help get my child organized (i.e.: accordion file, color coded binder/book covers, etc)?


    YES.  Many teachers have specific requirements for how a student’s class materials are organized.  This information will be given to students during the first week of school and can often be located on the teachers’ web page.





    1. Do we have to buy locks for our child’s locker or gym locker?


    NO.     Lockers in the grade level house area have build in combination locks.

    Lockers in the PE locker rooms require a combination lock that will be provided by the PE teachers.


    1. When do students get lockers?


    Locker information will be given out about a week before school begins.


    1. What are the dimensions of the lockers?


    Approximately 12” Wide x 13 ½” Deep x 45” Tall


    1. Can I stay after school (with my parents’ permission) to set up my locker?


    YES.  The school is open until 5:00 PM Monday through Friday on days which school is in session.



    PE Attire:


    1. When do we get our gym clothes?  How much are they?


    PE attire can be purchased at orientation before school begins or the SECOND DAY OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS.  The Physical Education Department begins selling uniforms the second day in which a student meets for Physical Education.


    Uniforms are $7.00 (Shirts - $2.25 and Shorts - $3.75).

    Payable via Cash or Check made out to Simpson Middle School.


    1. If I have part of my uniform from last year, can I just buy what I need?


    YES.  Shirts are $2.75 and Shorts are $3.75.


    1. What happens if I forget my uniform at home?


    UNIFORM RENTAL.  The Physical Education has a Rental Service.

    There is no cost for rental uniforms unless it becomes a frequent occurrence.


    Cafeteria Items:


    1. If my son/daughter runs out of money in his/her lunch account, can he/she use his/her sibling’s account to buy lunch that day?


    YES.  But only if the sibling is a JLSMS student and preferably if a parent has submitted a note with the student to be able to use another students’ account.


    1. What if my child runs out of money on his/her account?


    CHARGE.  Students are allowed to charge up to about $5.00.  If a student already has a negative balance of  $5.00 or more, then he/she will be required to get a cheese sandwich, fruit, and a milk at no charge.


    1. Can I find out my child’s cafeteria account balance?


    YES.  Please contact the Cafeteria Manager at 571.252.2840 if you need to find out your son/daughter’s account balance and/or what he/she has been buying for breakfast and lunch every day.  The cafeteria manager can provide you with a detailed listing of items purchased every day.  You can also check balances and make a payment online through Cafe Prepay at www.pay4lunch.com.  You will need your son/daughter's ID number.



    General Questions:


    1. Does Simpson have sport teams?


    NO.  If you child is interested in participating in sports, the Sports Division of Loudoun County Parks, Recreation, and Community Services provides recreational programs and activities to all youth and adult citizens countywide and acts as a liaison to all sport leagues for both youth and adults. The Sports Division also provides various sport camps, classes and clinics throughout the year. Details are available online at www.loudoun.gov/PRCS/



    School Policy:


    1. Does Simpson have a cell phone/electronic reader policy?


    We are a BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) school. Information is on the website and also shared through the teachers.


    1. Can I send medication to school with my child?


    NO.  Parents are required to bring in all medication, both over-the-counter and prescribed medications for their child directly to the nurse, with specific directions for administration.  Students may NOT have any medication, cough drops, etc. in their possession.  All medication is to be administered by the nurse or appropriate designee.



    Music, Band, Chorus:


    1. Is there a calendar/information page for the music dept (i.e. performance schedule, required concert attire, etc.)


    YES.  Concert and performance dates are listed on the JLSMS web site under the “Musical Activities” quick link.


    Ms. Paquette has information regarding attire for concerts on her web page.


    1. When does my child have to bring their instrument to school?


    TEACHERS will instruct students when to bring instruments to school.

    They DO NOT need to bring the instruments on the first day of school.


    SCHOOL YEAR.  Once the school year begins, students will know whether they have band on an A day or a B day.  They will need their instrument on the day they have band.  Most instruments should be dropped off and stored in the band room, but some smaller instruments can be stored in lockers such as flutes and clarinets.  Students should plan to take the instrument home the afternoon of the day they have band.  We have limited storage space and it can be very crowded when we have entire bands leave their instruments overnight and then take them home the night before they have class to practice.





    1. How can I find out information about the PTO?


    JLSMS WEB SITE.  The PTO maintains a home page on the Simpson website under the “Parents” heading.  The PTO calendar and all current events are maintained in this section for your review.


    1. How can I volunteer for the school/PTO?


    Please provide the PTO with your email address through the new information system called PT Board. This is how you will learn about volunteer opportunities that arise throughout the school year and whateven information the PTO sends out electronically.


    1. How can I sign up to help the first week of school?


    Prior to the first day of school, rising 6th graders will have an opportunity to visit Simpson to tour the school.   At this event parents will have the opportunity to meet the PTO staff, buy spirit wear, and volunteer their time during the first week of school.



    1. How do I get on Simpson’s PTO email list?

           Sign up through PT Board. Simply visit the PTO webpage on the school's website under "Parents".




Last Modified on August 25, 2016