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    Teacher Name: Matt Kaberline

    Department: English

    Email: Matthew.Kaberline@lcps.org

    Rooms: 604 (Homebase), 611, 613

    Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 4:30-5:00 PM and by appointment



    Teacher Biography

    Mr. Kaberline has taught, coached, and counseled at high schools in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Prior to his teaching career, Mr. Kaberline worked as a college admission officer. He holds a bachelors degree from Virginia Tech and a master of fine arts degree from Emerson College. This is his fourth year at Freedom HS and twentieth year in education. 

    Teacher Information 


    English 10 Honors

    English 10












     1. English 10H - 613  

     2. Study Hall - 611

     3. English CLT Meetings and Planning

     4. English 10H - 611

     5. English 10A w/ Ms. Thomas - 604  

     6. English 10A - 604

     7. English 10H - 604

     8. Planning  


    ADVISORY - 611


    Online Presence


    E-mail: matthew.kaberline@lcps.org

    Classroom Blog: https://mrkaberline.edublogs.org/





    Current Grades 

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    Contact Information
    Freedom High School | 25450 Riding Center Drive | South Riding, VA
    P: (703)957-4300 | F:(703)542-2086