PFHS Mission Statement
I love exploring Virginia, this is at Breaks Interstate Park.
  • Welcome to Earth Science, the study of the natural systems that govern our planet! My name is Amelia Zarate, I have a B.S. in Natural Resource Management from Colorado State University and am working on my Masters of Education at Regent University. 

    Your success as a student is my priority and I'm always happy to help you out, but I won't know you need it if you don't ask! If you ever need any extra help beyond what you're getting in class, please drop by during my office hours on Mondays from 1-2:45 or make an appointment to meet during my planning blocks. 

    Other questions? Generally, the best way to reach me outside of class is by email:, I will make every effort to respond within one school day.


    We will be using Schoology as our primary class source, including for synchronous lessons, but tech glitches happen! If Schoology goes down, I will update my teacher website (this page) to include a Google Meet link here: 


Last Modified on October 12, 2020