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    Office Hours: Monday, by appointment Pleas e-mail me to set up a time

    Email: diane.miller@lcps.org

    Mrs. Miller is in her 19th year as a special education teacher, and this is her 2nd year in Loudoun County. She previously taught in Fauquier County, where she lives with her husband and two dogs. Her son has graduated from college and is living in beautiful Bar Harbor ME. She has taught numerous classes in both English and Social Studies and she has an M.Ed. from Old Dominion University.


    2020-2021 Schedule:

     1st  English 11 Academic with Ms. Bruton  5th  English 11 self-contained
     2nd  Planning  6th  English Team Planning
     3rd  English 10 Academic with Ms. Foster  7th  English 11 Academic with Ms. Peyton
     4th  English 10 self-contained  8th   SOL remediation 
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