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     Diane Miller

    Office Hours: Please schedule a time with me during 2nd Block or 7th Block

    Email: diane.miller@lcps.org

    I am in my 20th year as a special education teacher, and this is my 3rd year at Briar Woods High School.  I have a Maser's in Education with a concentration in Special Education, and I am endorsed in English, EL, and Social Studies. I teach English in both self-contained and team-taught classes and I  work with students to prepare for standardized testing. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two dogs in the beautiful West Virginia countryside and visiting my son in Bar Harbor, Maine.  Gardening and hiking are two of my favorite hobbies. 


    2021-2022 Schedule:

     1st  English 11A w/ Mr. Burcak (613)  5th  English 11 self-contained (313)
     2nd  Planning  6th  English Team Planning
     3rd  English 12 self-contained (501)  7th  SOL remediation
     4th  English 11 w/ mrs. Eddinger (600)  8th   English 12 self-contained (501)
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