• About the Department of Teaching and Learning

  • In Loudoun County Public Schools, our mission is for all students to make meaningful contributions to the world. The way we do that is by supporting deeper learning through rigorous, authentic, and student-centered instruction.

    Deeper Learning is the process through which the learner becomes capable of applying what is learned in one situation to new situations. This process includes rigorous, authentic and student-centered instruction.

    • Rigor is about providing cognitive demand and appropriate support so that every student in our classrooms is engaged in meaningful and complex intellectual work.
    • Learning within an authentic context involves real-world tasks or tools, makes a real impact, and/or speaks to students' interests, backgrounds, or lived experiences. Authentic learning might be community connected and includes ongoing reflection.
    • Student-centered instruction is culturally responsive and engaging; it includes student agency, voice and choice, and multiple pathways.

    We provide equitable learning opportunities and support that lead to deeper learning for all students.


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Last Modified on November 3, 2023