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  • Loudoun County Public Schools is committed to providing quality teaching experience to over 400 future educators each year. Through LCPS's Teachers-In-Training program, we provide a diverse and engaging learning experience to nurture the professional growth of student educators.  

    For any type of field placement experience (Student teaching, Observation, Internship...etc.) we require the following steps to be completed.

    Questions can be directed to

  • STEP 1: College/University submits Placement Request

    *All requests must be submitted by a college/university

    Submit a 2024-2025SY Placement Request 

    To align with our new onboarding process, all students must be eligible to work in the US.

    Fall Requests: Internships/Student Teaching need to be submitted by June 30th. Practicum/Field Experience/Observations can be submitted by September 30th.

    Spring Requests: Internships/Student Teaching need to be submitted by November 30th.Practicum/Field Experience/Observations can be submitted by February 28th.

    *To apply for the School Counseling Internship, view tab.

  • STEP 2: Student submits TNT application

    Students must submit an application and apply to the Teachers-in-Training 2024-2025 vacancy (PS8214)

    To streamline the onboarding of TNT candidates, LCPS requires such candidates to complete the TNT/Substitute application and its related onboarding checklist, with appropriate documentation, in its entirety. This allows for an efficient process should such candidates move into a paid role with LCPS. 

    To be clear, TNT candidates are not obligated to serve as substitute teachers or eventually work for LCPS, as these would require additional steps.  However, candidates must fulfill all application requirements to be considered for the LCPS TNT experience. All students must be eligible to work in the US.

    Current LCPS employees do not need to complete an application, but will need to submit their school location and position title. If the student is an LCPS employee, they may be required to submit an educational leave request to their principal.

    To apply for the School Counseling Internship, view tab.

  • STEP 3: Student completes TNT Checklist

    A checklist will be emailed to all individuals who have submitted an application to the Teachers-in-Training Vacancy (PS33). Please allow a few days for the email to appear in your inbox. All TNT students must complete the required documents and videos before being placed.

    Teachers-In-Training (TNT) Checklist:

    • Viewing of Sexual Harassment video
    • Fingerprinting
    • Badge photo (for year-long placements)
    • Completion of various forms:
      • Child Protective Services
      • Confidentiality Agreement
      • Employee Information Change
      • Ethnicity Report
      • Tuberculosis Screening
    • Sign the LCPS Agreement Form
    • Viewing of Bloodborne pathogens video - This video is facilitated by LCPS. Viewing times vary each week. Please email with questions.

  • STEP 4: LCPS sends Placement Confirmation Details

    Once all required steps are complete, LCPS will coordinate a placement with the student's cooperating teacher. A placement confirmation email will be sent and you can begin communication with your cooperating teacher.

Last Modified on May 16, 2024