Mr. Kim (AKA The Mad Teacher)



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Kim (AKA The Mad Teacher)

Mr. Kim was born in a time before numbers existed. Throughout the history of time, Mr. Kim has decimated entire civilizations and planets with the snap of his fingers. 

After millenniums had passed, Mr. Kim found himself on planet earth with much of power stripped, memories lost, and confusion heightened. 

To show the earthlings that he wasn't to be trifled with, Mr. Kim took on the most dangerous / ludicrous job known to man and became a high school teacher. 

He will be teaching English 11 Honors and English 10 Honors this 2019-2020 school year. 


Other epic facts about The Mad Teacher:

-- He is a 7-time fantasy football finalist and a 4-time champion. 

-- He is is a firm believer that pizza is the most sacred of food while sushi being the pinnacle of cuisine. 

-- He is a movie snob.


* During blocks 1, 3, and 5, Mr. Kim can be found in room 2514

* During blocks 7 + 8, Mr. Kim can be found in 2512.

  • Materials needed for Mr. Kim's English class:

    • Student-issued Chromebook + charger
    • 3-ring binder (not just a big folder...)
    • Notebook (not just crunched up scratch paper.......)
    • Pencils + Pens + Highlighters 


    Google Classroom Codes

    •  Block 1 (English 11 Honors) - nxjik4
    •  Block 3 (English 11 Honors) - 33uqrq
    •  Block 5 (English 11 Honors) - mrgm9i
    •  Block 7 (English 10 Honors) - 73mi1f2
    •  Block 8 (English 10 Honors) - 6ovwps


    Contact e-mail: