PFHS Mission Statemenb
  • Dustin Coleman  CTE

    Email Link - Please allow 24 hours for a response
    Department: CTE - Technology Foundations
    Classes B Days:
         Block 1  Main Office
         Block 2  Planning
         Block 3  Technology Foundations
         Block 4  Technology Foundations
    A Day: 2nd Block
    B Day: NA - Broad Run

     Tutoring Hours will be posted once school has started and schedules have been finalized.

     Phoenix   Vision

    Other Information

    While I have been in the workforce for over 20 years as an IT developer in the Government & Private sector, I have always had a strong desire to teach. 

    As such I believe I am highly skilled in Technology, but my other interests branch out into World History and Geography.

    Fun Note: I am an officer of a Civil War Living History Organization for over 13 years. I do film work for the History & Discovery Chanel.

    I am also a published author of children's short horror stories and an avid Pro-Cosplayer.


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