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    mustang Larry Garrison
    Technology Education Grade 7

     I would like to welcome you to 7th Grade Technology Education. My name is Larry Garrison and I am one of the two Technology teachers at JL Simpson Middle School. I have been teaching in LCPS for 17 years and this is my 31st year in Education


    I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Arts from Berea College. I also have a Masters Degree with Emphasis in Teaching and a Masters Degree in School Administration both from Shenandoah University. 


    Description – This exploratory course allows students the opportunity to explore technology and to develop resources that enhance problem-solving skills. Students will complete Synergistics brand modules (4 or 5) as part of the Technology experience. This exploratory class is a required course within the Unified Arts electives that students take in grades 7.


    Main Semester Topics –

    1. Cite the importance of technology in the development of society.
    2. Research technological systems and their related inventions.
    3. Safely use software, tools, materials, and equipment.
    4. Use technological resources to construct a prototype.
    5. Produce a technical report.
    6. Communicate ideas and information orally.
    7. Utilize existing technology to identify resources and solutions to a given problem.
    8. Synergistic brand workstations will be utilized to present course content on specialty topics of technology.


    Due to the nature of the Technology  lab, all coursework is completed in class. Students needing to do work at home typically have been absent or have fallen behind in class. Students may come to Tech Ed during resource or at lunch to work on make-up assignments.


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