• Mrs. Berrios is looking forward to another great year at Cedar Lane as the Digital Experience Specialist!  Mrs. Berrios began at Cedar Lane as a cafeteria monitor, enjoyed working with the kids and staff and moved her way into Cross-Cat then into the Autism program.   Prior to working at Cedar Lane, Mrs. Berrios worked for SEGA of America on their action gaming platforms. Her passion is technology and helping out whenever possible.

    Mrs. Berrios loves Balloon art, crafts spending time with her family, dog, cat, bird and guinea pig.


  • To put in a ticket – click on the new ‘support center’ icon in LCPSgo or click the icon in this email



    If you are submitting a ticket and can’t find the correct category to choose please use ‘Generic Service Request’ or ‘Hardware Support Incident’.


    What is the difference between a ‘Service Request’ and an ‘Incident’?

    A ‘Service Request’ is used for something you don’t have. For example – you don’t have a phone in your classroom and need one.

    An ‘Incident’ is for something that is broken. For example – the phone in your classroom does not work.



Last Modified on September 12, 2019