FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - LCPS.org 2019 Redesign

  • Overview

    Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) leadership has recognized the need to redesign LCPS' Blackboard Content Management System (CMS) to accomplish several objectives.  Among these objectives are to:

    • Implement a more modern design
    • Enable updated typography, layout, search and navigation to work better on mobile and smaller devices (over 50% of our site visitors are using mobile devices)
    • Establish standards and models for greater usability with a consistent and user friendly interface
    • Improve accessibility to everyone, including those with disabilities, to make sites compliant with ADA and Web Content  Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
    • Continually improve websites based on audience/community feedback


    As part of our project and ongoing communications plan, we have created several WorkPlace groups to enable better communications regarding the website.  Two Workplace groups in particular are:

    1. Accessibility - open group for all LCPS staff to discuss tips and best practices to make all web content accessible to everyone.  This includes content files (PDF, doc, xls, other) that may be linked from Blackboard or an LCPS Google site or Google Shared Drive.
    2. Blackboard Content Editors - open group (for Blackboard content editors and owners) for sharing concepts, standards, ideas and best practices for using the Blackboard CMS as a communications tool for LCPS.


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  • How will school subsites be affected ?

  • Will education and training material be available ?

  • Can I sneak a peek of the new design ?

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