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    J.L. Simpson MS

    490 Evergreen Mill Road

    Leesburg, Virginia 22075

    I teach 6th grade Health and Physical Education.
    The best way to get in touch with me is by e-mail at Jeffery.Lloyd@lcps.org or call the school, (571) 252-2840 and I will return your call. 

    Mr. Lloyd graduated from the famed “Slippery Rock State College” in Health and Physical Education where he swam and played water polo.  He spent the first 10 years after college in the aquatic field managing swimming pools and/or oceanfronts in Northern Virginia, Florida, and Saudi Arabia.  Mr. Lloyd then completed his course work in Exercise Science at George Washington University and managed Health and Fitness Centers in both Virginia and Florida.  Jeff later earned a Masters Degree in Education from the University of New England.  This year is his 24th year teaching Physical Education and Health at Simpson Middle School.  He has coached gymnastics, swimming, and soccer. 

    Mr. Lloyd also teaches the after school Fly Fishing Course at Simpson.


    Health Course Information:

    *Limited homework will be issued...most work will be completed in class.

    Sixth Grade Health Topics:

    5 Components of Fitness
    The F.I.T.T. Principle
    Family Life Education
    Great Program taught by Officer Matt Bennett
    Social, Mental, and Emotional Health
    Personal Heart Rate and Exercise Intensity Levels
    Bones and Muscles
    A  Loudoun County Gym Suit can be purchased for $7.00.

    Make checks payable to Simpson Middle School:              


    Students need to have their change of clothes and proper foot wear for each class. 


    We will have outdoor Physical Education classes until the first of November.  Please provide a fleece-type sweat suit to be worn over the gym suit.  This sweat suit does not need to be new.  Old clothing is preferred because they are often forgotten outside by some students.


    Providing a safe learning environment is our prime objective.  Even when reasonable safety precautions have been taken, there is always the possibility of bodily risk or injury during physical education activities.

    Student's Locks

    Students are also given a lock to be used to secure personal property.  If the student losses this lock they will have to replace it for $5.00.  Many times the lock is found and the student will get the money back.

    Physical Activities

    Students may do all or some of these assessments:

    Virginia Wellness (testing twice per year Fall and Spring):

    Area of Fitness Tested

    Tests Done to Evaluate

    Aerobic Capacity- cardiovascular fitness

     The Pacer

    Flexibility- range of motion in lower back, legs, and shoulders

    Truck Raise, 1 Leg Sit & Reach, Shoulder Flexibility

    Muscle Strength and Endurance-Abs,Back,Chest,Arms

    Curl-ups, & Push-ups

    Explosive Power - Muscle quickness

     50 yard Dash

    Fitness assessments do not affect a student's Physical Education grade. 
    Physical Education Course Topics:
    6th Grade:
    Cooperative Games
    Frisbee Golf
    Ultimate Frisbee
    Floor Hockey
    Indoor Skating (rental fee of $10 does apply for the opportunity to skate for 5 gym classes)
    Team Handball
    Racquet Sports
    Rhythm & Dance
    Simpson on the Run
    Runners will run  

     6th Grade will have the opportunity to join the 2-Mile Club.

    7th Grade will have the opportunity to join the 3-Mile Club.

     8th Grade will have the opportunity to join the 5-Mile Club.

    Students must complete 3 lead up runs for training and safety and runs are done during class in October; however students must decide in September if they are interested.

    All other students Hike for the class time and every ones distance is recorded to meet Department goals  


    Department Philosophy 

    The Physical Education Department incorporates teamwork and team teaching to maximize teaching space and equipment.  We also expect students to learn and use teamwork, personal responsibility, respect, and enthusiasm.



    Excuses for Physical Education Class:



     Parental Excuses:

    A written note from home is required daily with a parent/guardian signature, date, and phone number.  A parental excuse may not exceed one week, three times per nine weeks.  

    Medical Excuses:

    If non-participation exceeds one week in a single 9-weeks, a note from a physician is required.  The physician's note should list specific limitations and alternative activities.  Your child may be able to participate but with limitations.  A school form can be requested from the school nurse. 

    For a more complete understanding of the Health and Physical Education Program, call and request more information.



    Contact Information

    Parents interested in contacting me are encouraged to call the school between 7:45 and 8:15 AM.  Please, if we do not speak leave a time after 3:45 PM and number that we may talk or E-mail me with your comments or concerns and I will get back to you. 


    Street address
    J.L. Simpson Middle School 490 Evergreen Mill Road Leesburg, Virginia 22075

    Office phone
    (571) 252-2840


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