• LCPS Security Procedures at Goshen Post

    Since all exterior doors will be locked, visitors will continue to be required to enter only through the main entrance.  By pressing the button, a bell sound alerts the office staff that someone is waiting outside, and an exterior camera is activated that shows our secretaries who is waiting entrance into the building. Our secretaries will then greet the visitor via speaker. Once you hear the greeting, please inform the office staff with your name and the purpose for your visit. You will be asked to hold your photo ID in front of the camera. After checking your ID, we will activate the door release and then you will be able to enter the building. 

    Once inside, please report to the office to sign-in and receive a Visitors Badge. All visitors, even those who volunteer here regularly, are required to show their photo ID for entrance. This is a county-wide security procedure.  

    Please help us by not allowing other visitors inside when you are buzzed-in by the secretaries. Each individual needs to produce a photo ID for entrance.

    The safety of our children and our staff is paramount, and this security system makes our wonderful school an even better place for your children.

    Thank you for your continued support!