• World Languages & Cultures

    J.L. Simpson Middle School



    Our Mission

    It is our pleasure and mission to provide students a world language rich in content, and to develop linguistic proficiency and cultural sensitivity in order to collaborate, communicate, and contribute as productive citizens within our global environment.



    Our Goals

    • To provide second language instruction so that students may communicate with others who speak the language
    • To compare languages, grammars, and cultures
    • To connect the study of world languages to other disciplines
    • To integrate technology into the study of world languages
    • To increase enrollment in world language national competitive exams



    Our Staff


     German flag Frau Ayotte: German I & II
     Spanish flag Señor Baroody: Spanish I
     Roman flag Magistra Hogye: Latin I & II
     Spanish flag Señora Lopez: Spanish II, Spanish for Fluent Speakers I & II
     French flag Madame Minnick: French I & II, Department Chair
     Spanish flag Señora Ravelo: Spanish I & II



    Course Credit

    Seventh- and eighth-grade students may study two full years of a language. These courses provide one credit each toward fulfilling the foreign language requirements for an Advanced Studies Diploma (three years of one language, or two years each of two languages). Students who receive credit for French, German, Latin, or Spanish in middle school may count these courses in meeting both credit and subject-area graduation requirements. A student successfully completing any of the foreign languages offered within Level I may progress to a Level II course within the same language in eighth grade.




    The curricula of all world languages instruction at J.L. Simpson Middle School support the Virginia Standards of Learning, the National Standards, and the Loudoun County Program of Studies.



    Resources & Links


    World Languages & Cultures: LCPS Department of Instruction


    World Language Standards of Learning: Virginia Department of Education